Christmas in Orlando – Universal

So firstly I would like to apologise for my lack of posts the last two weeks.. this was meant to be a daily thing, especially all my posts for Christmas in Orlando, and honestly work and life has just got on top of me the last couple of weeks. But I’m back! And I promise a post everyday until my Christmas in Orlando series is complete!

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Christmas in Orlando – the Basics

Alright so let’s get started with the maybe not so exciting things, such as travel, accommodation, etc.

Length of visit

The first time we went to Orlando, December 2015, we went for exactly 2 weeks. The second time, December 2017, we decided to go for a little longer and we did 16 nights. I personally would love to go for 3 weeks, that would be my perfect trip… however with school holidays only being 2 weeks for most over Christmas, you may not be able to go for any longer.

For us, 3 weeks just hasn’t worked well with work, but we will definitely aim for 3 weeks at some point! Those extra 2 nights on our second trip were very nice, it doesn’t seem like much but that just meant we could space some of our hectic days out a little more, or just have a little more free time without cramming in too much.

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Christmas in Orlando – Overview

So I wanted to do another series of blog posts regarding my visits to Orlando. I’ve sadly only been to Orlando twice in my life, 2015 and 2017, but both times were for Christmas and New Years… so the busiest time of year!

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NYC at Christmas

Hey Everyone!

So the hubby and I had the pleasure of heading out to New York on Boxing Day (26th December) for a few days. We were going mainly for a martial arts training camp with some friends, but made sure we had a couple of days for general sight seeing as we’ve never been at this time of year, and it’s always been on my bucket list.

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

So there is only 6 days until Christmas, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is nearly over for this year (tomorrow and Friday are the last days)… so I thought I would share with you my opinion and experience last year of this hard ticket event.

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