What Apps for Disneyland Paris?

So as the 4 week countdown for my next trip is approaching, I was thinking about what apps I use the most when I go to the parks, and figured it could be a good thing to share with you lovely people!

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WDW Parks – My Must Dos, Must Eats & Tips – Part 4

I’m sorry this is slightly delayed, the last couple days have been crazy.. and this is definitely going to be a short one for me and I’ll tell you why a bit later.. but here it is!


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WDW Parks – My Must Dos, Must Eats & Tips – Part 3

Hollywood Studios …

…is a great park! I was gonna say “one of my favourite Disney World parks” but then I remembered there’s only 4, and I’d probably say that about all of them lol!

Now a lot has changed since I last visited Hollywood Studios, we’ve seen the opening of Toy Story Land. There is also a lot more to come with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, due to open at WDW late this year, but is Disneyland Resort in California summer of this year!

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Booking a trip to Disneyland Paris

This is something I have done recently so thought it would be a good place to start!

A trip to Disneyland Paris is extremely easy to book and I feel best through the Disneyland Paris website. There are a number of other websites that you can book through but I’ve never found a better deal than the ones Disney offer themselves.

So here’s my step by step guide on how we book our trips to DLP…

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